this falch trailer system will impress not only your customers and clients but also your employees. with a high quality deutz engine of approx. 15,000 service life (corresponds to approx. 900,000 km of a vehicle), powerful torque, low vibration, low fuel consumption and excellent waste gas values. serviced only every 500 hrs.

Machinery Brief:
trailer system on fully galvanized chassis with overrun brake and 3 chamber tank.
steel safety frame.
plastic hood made of impact resistant and special heat resistant hand laminate.
– preliminary and fine water filter for clean water quality.
crankshaft pump slow-running for maximum load capacity and durability. pressure continuously adjustable. adjustable working pressure.
press control for continuously adjustable working pressure.
pressure relief of the hoses in case of work stoppage.
safety fittings such as rupture discs or safety valve, avoid excessive pressure build.
combustion chamber 2x 33kW heating performance with stainless steel housing. burner connected in series.
diesel deutz engine, 4-cylinder water cooled, 129 kW, 4.760 ccm capacity, with power reserves for 100% continual use.
safety/control for the safety of the complete system, the entire monitoring is made by “falch easy” electronic control system, with display indication of rpm, pressure, operating hours, maintenance hours and a lot more.
– anti-theft device to protect units stored on-site at night.
anti-frost-system integrated.

Quick Specs:
– 1000-65-0-d
– 2500-26-0-d
– 3000-22-0-d

– Legend: Max. Pressure (1000/2500/3000) bar – Water Flow (65/26/22) l/min – Max. Temp. (0) ºC – Electric/Diesel/Petrol motor

More Info:
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– For full specs and recommended accessories for 2500-26-0-d please click here.
– For full specs and recommended accessories for 3000-22-0-d please click here.

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