Material Description
Transworld Almandine garnet is a chemically inert nonmetallic mineral that is quite common in the natural environment. It is found in trace amounts in most river and beach sands and is known for its hardness and durability. The high levels of hardness and toughness make almandine garnet ideal for many abrasive applications. Its high specific gravity as well as its chemical and abrasive resistance makes almandine garnet ideal for filtration.

Advantages of Garnet for Blast Cleaning
– Wide range of grades and composition available for different jobs and profiles.
– Superior surface profile; garnet grains create a uniform profile virtually free of embedment, providing an excellent surface for coating adhesion.
– Cost–effective; highly effective, low consumption.
– Non-toxic; inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are less than 1%.
– Recyclable up to 5 times.
– Low dust levels; improved operator visibility.
– Non-reactant; will not interfere with your coatings.
– Non-porous; will not draw moisture.

Blast cleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, water jetting etc. Suitable for SA-3, SA-2½ and SA-2, as well as sweep blasting.

Usually our stocks in Egypt can cover all of your needs especially from commonly used sizes, all others sizes can be provided upon request.

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